How We Handle Your Data

Here is a summary of our Privacy Policy. It is provided for your convenience, but only the full version is legally binding. If you have any questions, please let us know at hello [at] pentacent [dot] com.

Data storage & processing

We store and process all user-provided content in high-security server locations in Germany.
For payment processing and marketing purposes, some data may be processed in countries outside of the European Union.

Third parties

We don’t ever sell (or rent) your data to third parties. Your information is only made available to select technology partners who process data on our behalf. Take a look at our list of technology partners.


We use data that your browser and our apps automatically send to collect usage statistics. This data is used in an anonymized way and never connected with other datasets.

Your rights

Your data is yours. You can always request to have your data deleted or corrected.